Why Hemp

Why hemp?

Hemp is one of the world’s oldest fabrics. Adaptable to the modern world but also ancient and before its time in being a ‘wonder’ plant, hemp is nature’s miracle in more ways than one. Being the longest plant fibre in the world and one of the strongest found in nature, its natural properties accelerate it to the top of the list for use within the fashion world both now and in the future. Technically, being a weed, it requires no chemical fertilisers or pesticides, needs half as much water as cotton and, once used, it produces some of the lowest levels of biowaste than any other crop in the context of natural resources. Its fast growth rate even in varied climates allows it to grow within short seasons or dry regions. Whilst replenishing the soil from which it grows, it absorbs toxic materials and kills various weeds - a perfect crop to grow during agriculture fallow years.

 Its miracle powers transcend the fabric itself. It provides excellent UV protection and is naturally biodegradable. Hemp’s intrinsic qualities allow it to be breathable while also having insulation properties during colder times. It is highly antimicrobial and hypoallergenic, abrasion, rot resistant and water absorbent which means that when you wear it, the natural smells do not linger and it is durable and comfortable in all conditions. Whilst most fabrics lose their softness, hemp fabrics soften over time and are machine washable and dryable - perfect for your everyday wear and tear. At the end of its life, the fibres are easily recyclable and perfect for reuse in future garments, closing the loop on the linear fashion model that we currently see today.