Our Story


Our Story

Soar is the brainchild of two life-long friends called Ben who met as kids, all packed and ready with their latest trends for the summer, cheaply delivered and ready to be thrown away once the summer was over.

Another summer, another camp, and another batch of wasted fabrics destined for landfill or a charity shop. Most trends last a season and some a few weeks, but this ‘trend’ has lasted decades. The trend is destructive and costly, favouring exponential growth, but at what price? 

We Bens are looking to start a new conversation within the fashion industry and spark a revolutionary trend that truly benefits the natural world; one that is directed toward conscious consumerism with our love and respect for the planet playing a central role in how we operate.

Using sustainable fabrics and with hemp at the forefront, our aim is to turn the tide of consumerism away from cheap, wasteful and temporary fashion to high quality, reusable and durable classics.