Our Founding Principles

Our environmental and ethical commitments

 S.O.A.R. is committed to having sustainability at its core. Our sense of responsibility to the environment, economy and local communities stand at the forefront of who we are and what we do. We maintain strong relationships with suppliers and other partners within the supply chain to ensure they comply with our standards of transparency and fairness.


Our founding principles:

  1. We source our materials from natural, organic and renewable sources, wherever possible.
  1. Farming and harvesting of natural fibre crops to produce the materials used in our garments to not contribute to habitat loss or destruction.
  1. All dyes will be the world’s leading natural and chemical free, wherever possible.
  1. All manufacturing waste will be within and below legal limits to have as minimal impact on the local environment as possible.
  1. Water and energy usage is made as renewable and efficient as possible, using the latest technology. 
  1. We transport our collections in the most environmentally friendly way possible and reduce air travel. A few of our fabrics are sourced from Asia and therefore we are looking to move these toward U.K. designed and U.K. produced in the near future.
  1. All waste is reduced, reused or recycled wherever possible
  1. Our sustainable and environmental footprint is reviewed annually and is a core part of our reporting process. To ensure we address our supply chain, procurement and manufacturing processes as well as our business activities.